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Check this space for our detailed information and product specifications on the exciting new strains currently under development and expected to be available once Health Canada gives us the green light to sell our cannabis later this year!

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Why Partake

Simple and Pure

At Partake, we aim to keep things simple and pure. After a lot of hard work to meet their exacting standards, we were recently awarded our Health Canada license to cultivate and process cannabis And we have started growing our very first batch in our small state-of-the-art facility right here in Edmonton, Alberta. Close to where we live, and close to where our customers live. Ensuring freshness and quality, always.

Finest Flower

At the risk of sounding a bit immodest, we believe our approach represents perhaps an ideal combination of art and science. The Partake process is designed to guarantee that, regardless of which genetic strain, only the very best cannabis has the Partake name on it. If you decide to give it a try, we think you may agree that the resulting cannabis flower is amongst the finest available in Alberta. Or anywhere else for that matter!

Lab Tested

Our Master Grower starts by selecting only the very best strains and then growing each plant in a highly controlled but natural environment. In small batches. In especially selected soil. Using purified water, and only Health Canada approved nutrients. Inspecting each plant, every day. Watering, trimming, harvesting, curing and packaging by hand. Taking our time. Intimate and personal. Yet, at the same time, very professional, following rigid quality-control and safety processes, every day. Culminating in third-party testing of every single batch, to ensure consistency, purity and safety for our customers.


We are currently looking for an enthusiastic and hard working individual for a part time position as a general helper. If you’re interested, please send your resume to [email protected] and add “Job Posting” in the subject line. We promise to get back to you soon!

Our Culture

At Partake, our culture is intended to combine the very highest standards of professionalism with a very friendly, pragmatic and down-to-earth approach towards our customers, our team-members and our plants. We also believe that it is the responsibility of every company to, yes, provide a reasonable return to our (All-Canadian!) shareholders, but also to give back to the community we serve. To that end, as we evolve from our current start-up phase to full production, check out this section again, to learn more about our culture and our focus in terms of local charities and sustainability initiatives.

Our Master Grower

We are a small Alberta company founded to grow and sell the very finest small-batch craft cannabis.

Landon Yarmuch

Landon first started growing cannabis under the old medical cannabis regulations, to help his partner manage pain. Honing his craft through years of trial-and-error. Sweating the details. And when the federal government indicated that recreational cannabis would indeed be legalised, he teamed up with a small group of professionals to complement his skill set. And so, in April 2018, Partake Cannabis was born.

When the first legal product was offered to the recreational market, Landon realised that the standards offered by “big cannabis” were far different from those which he had come to develop in his small craft-grow. The smell, the taste, the efficacy were all inconsistent with the standards he had set for himself. And so our mission, to focus on small batch craft flower, was born! Our investors are a small group of Canadian professionals who share our goal of building the best craft cannabis company in Alberta and offering only the very best product to our customers. Always.

New to Cannabis

Is Buying illegally Grown Cannabis Ever A Good Idea?

Some regular cannabis users may balk at paying extra for legally grown product. That’s understandable, but we encourage everyone to think about the risks of ingesting anything into your body which has NOT been produced according to the very strict Health Canada standards.

While many illegal growers do very fine job, the reality is the temptations for unsupervised illegal growers to sometimes sell substandard product, or to use banned, potentially carcinogenic pesticides, for example, is real. Whereas buying from a Health Canada licenced producer such as Partake assures consumers of a very high standard of safety with every single batch we sell.

As well, our employees enjoy a safe and healthy work environment. Plus they pay their fair share of taxes, and Partake itself has an obligation at the municipal, provincial and federal level to pay taxes and thus to contribute to the overall social well-being of all Edmontonians, Albertans and Canadians.

To learn more, check out the Cannabis page at Health Canada

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