Blueberry Pancakes

Blueberry yum yum anyone? This delectable strain hits your palette with strong notes of berries and comforting notes of the age-old favourite, pancakes! The right amount of musk and cedar smoke balance out this delightful cultivar. Created by merging the Blueberry S1 and the Pancake genetics, this combination is sure to please any discerning connoisseur. Heavy trichome production paired with dense, purple, sticky nugs, that bust up into a kinetic sand texture, allows for a most enjoyable smoking experience, leaving an aftertaste in your mouth you will never want to leave. We have taken Blueberry to the next level in our pursuit of the best cannabis for the best connoisseurs. Hand watered, hand trimmed and grown indoors, all our plants get the love and care they deserve. Partake, your way, with Blueberry Pancakes.