GMO All Flower Pre-Rolls

Introducing our GMO All Flower Pre-Rolls, made from the highest quality GMO genetics. These pre-rolls are carefully crafted and packed with potent, aromatic buds to provide an unforgettable smoking experience. Our GMO Pre-Rolls are known for their pungent, skunky aroma and potent effects. It’s a hybrid strain that offers a balanced blend of uplifting and relaxing effects, making it an excellent choice for daytime and nighttime use. Our GMO All Flower Pre-Rolls are perfect for those who are short on time or prefer the convenience of a ready-to-smoke option. Spark up and enjoy the smooth, rich flavour of our GMO Pre-Rolls.


GMO All Flower Pre-Rolls

GMO All Flower Pre-Rolls, also known as “Garlic Cookies,” is a popular cannabis cultivar known for its potent aroma and flavour. This strain has a pungent garlic scent and a taste reminiscent of freshly baked cookies. It is a highly sought-after strain among cannabis connoisseurs for its unique aroma and strong effects. GMOs typically produce dense, resinous buds covered in trichomes, giving them a frosty appearance. This strain provides a powerful, long-lasting high that is both relaxing and euphoric. It owes its gassy undertones & shape to Chemdawg’s spade-shaped buds. Forum GSC dots the dense light green buds with hints of purple & bakery aromas. Farnesene imparts a ripe fruit funk to the buds, all wrapped in coppery pistils & frosty trichome crystals. GMO’s terpene profile imparts garlicky coffee aromas with hints of earth. GMO has high THC levels that can be overwhelming for newbies to cannabis. We suggest this cultivar for more experienced cannabis users, although it is lovely for newbies with high tolerances as well.GMO is a hybrid strain suitable for daytime or night use. GMO Strain is known for their high THC content, ranging from 20% to 29%. It is a powerful and euphoric strain that can provide a solid cerebral high and relaxation. Consumers often use it to help manage stress, anxiety, and pain, which is also known to boost creativity and focus. Garlic Cookies have a unique and distinctive flavour dominated by notes of garlic and herbs. It is often described as spicy and earthy, with a hint of sweetness. The strain has a dense and sticky bud structure, with bright green leaves and a dusting of trichomes. Overall, Garlic Cookies are a potent and flavorful strain known for their solid psychoactive effects and distinctive garlic-like aroma. It is a popular choice for consumers looking for a high-THC strain that can provide a robust and euphoric experience.

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